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Ready to rock in a band? heres your chance!
two guitarists, a drummer, singer (me) and a keyboard! Sign up today
Heres the template

Your Pokemon Species:
on stage name
Insturment you wanna play:
Your experience with rock.: (you may make somthing up)
why you want to be in the band

after that, you will audition! all you have to do is post the name of a song that focuses on your part, i will review it, and thats your audition!
Didn't get a part? no prob, you get to sign up to be in the audience, during performances, you can throw cans and crud at us, or praise us, demand on cores whatever! haha.
Have fun!

Click Banner To enter....
Loads of fun!

Name: Slash
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage