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Indeed, I noticed that back in the RBY days. That bit of text was one of the Holy Grail's of Pikablu fanatics. The most common two rumours as to exactly WHAT his Raichu "went and evolved" into were Pikablu and something called "Queenchu", the latter of which very little is known about. Exactly which of these he will evolve into in SaR is anyone's guess for now. Not even I know what Raichu will evolve into. Only our randomness knows the answer to that. But you couldn't make a rumour hack without an evolving Raichu, just like you can't make one without the man on the roof in cinnibar or the truck rumour. Those are so famous, even people who don't play Pokémon know them I'd wager.

Also, here is a little screenshot for you all to enjoy.
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