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how unfortunate
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Originally Posted by Espreon View Post
Shoddy is not exactly exlusive to Australian English, its a synonym for poor quality.

Back on topic and to the author: I love how this is unfolding but I was dissapointed with Wes going up to the blue guy, but its just a personal preferance as I like the Cyndaquil line the best. Other than that great work! In fact its so great once I find my iPod I will copy these as text files and put them on my iPod so I can read it on the go!
Oh, ok then.

Yeah, I was hoping for Quilava, but I like Croconaw just as much. <3

My first file...I walked out of the mayor's house and said, "Hey! A green guy! LETS TALK TO HIM!!!" xD So I ended up with Bayleef...and I've only done Croconaw once. He always died. X.x So I haven't chosen him ever since. Always Quilava. ;D

Back on topic, I think I might do the same thing Espreon is doing with the iPod. Luckily, I know where mine is. 8D

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