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Yeah but there are more "gods" - Palkia, Dialga, Giratina... You can do with "my moves" all what you want... If you want "SINGING OF GOD" can lower all stats by 1 stage or only random stats by 1 stage. Elemental fangs like FIRE FANG can be learn by level-up for nonfire-types. FLAMING WING it's like elemental fangs.

What do you think about that idea:
Unowns can be ??? type <no weaknesses, resistances and maybe some immunities> and can learn by level-up <lvl 1> "letters attacks" with ??? type like "AaA". For example "FfF" can do damage and freeze opponent, "EeE" can do damage and raises evansion, "???" can be like Metronome. <Unown A can learn "AaA", Unown Y - "YyY">