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Fire Ball
Type: Fire
PWR: 80
Acc: 100
The user fires a ball of Fire

Aqua Ball
Type: Water
PWR: 80
Acc: 100
The user fires a ball of Water

Aura Beam
Type: Fighting
PWR: 120
Acc: 100
The user charges aura for one turn then fires it in the seccond


Special Targting: Pokemon can Attack 2 pokemon with a move that is suppost to hit only 1 pokemon eg. Lucario Attacks with Aura Sphere and it hits both opponents.
Lucario will rise again.

Timmy112's Pokemon

Lucario the level 105 Lucario!

Timmy112's Pokemon

Electivire the level 87 Electivire!

Timmy112's Pokemon

Kyogre the level 82 Kyogre!

XANA will be reborn.