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Skele: Hmm... I think your moves have too many different effects. I think that for the Legendary Trios, they should either have a unique move or a unique ability (as they're not quite as special as the 'main' legendaries) - the birds and beasts could have the abilities you suggested, Regis should have Clear Body and unique moves (Arctic Chill, MachineLaser, Desert Hold), pixies, not sure - probably abilities, and Shadow Beasts moves (to be revealed later ;))

Timmy: I have the perfect Pokémon for Bug Bomb (what is it? wait and see). Cyclone is a bit overpowered, unless it also affects the user. Thunderstorm is good - I might change Thunder to have 100% accuracy in that instead of Rain Dance.

Prince: Heatran already has a signature move - Magma Storm.

Rubii: Black Aura should be Dark-type in my opinion. BlackThunder is good though.

Superjub: I don't think that Phione should have a special move, as technically it's not a legendary (you can get more than one, it can breed, and it doesn't have that good stats). Besides, it's called a weaker version of Manaphy for a reason.

Keep the ideas coming, people!

Anyway, I'm now looking for a musician. If you are good at writing music on the computer and want to help out, send me an example of your work in MIDI format.

Also, I've been working on some Pokémon - expect some to be revealed soon!