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Quote originally posted by swampert22:
Wahaay Darthatron!

I've been looking through that source code you sent me every day, trying to make heads or tails of it and making <ahem> not much progress!

This is great that you've taken the time to do this though, I should be able to understand from this. If not, well I guess I'm just not a programmer!

Well done mate, hopefully aa lot of talent will emerge from this!
Hell yeah! I rock! :D

Quote originally posted by thethethethe:
I wish you'd posted this before I read through all the source code of other programs. This way looks lots easier than the way I found. I did it everything one byte at a time (without your functions). I'll have to read through this in more detail sometime soon. I'll be sure to save a lot of time.
Lol sorry, I only wrote it up yesterday. In like an hour and a half.

Quote originally posted by ZodiacDaGreat:
Great, tut, Now I can make some tools

Something's wrong with the link
Which link? D:

I'm gonna add pictures after dinner.
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