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How many more chapters should it be until we get to fighting Miror B.? And for that matter I can't wait til we get to purify Croconaw (Which should mean instant evolution into Feraligator), snag Entei and I also can't wait til we get to Lady Venus.

You don't intend to implement D/P evolutions of Wes' Pokes do you? Like if Wes finds a Dusk Stone and decides to use it on his (eventually to be) purified Misdrevous and have it evolve into Mismagius? I mean if Colosseum took place the time G/S/C and D/P (they occurred at around the same time) then Mismagius and other evolved forms of Gen 1 and Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokes (that were introduced in D/P) would exist. I highly suggest you do this as it allows more originality to be produced.

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