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Quote originally posted by Espreon:
Great chapter, having Rui as a Pokemon trainer brought some originality into this.

"Curious George and the Electrical Fence" LOL!

Oh and BTW its Magnemite not Magnetmite.

Actually Croconaw evolves at level 36.
Thanks. Rui being a trainer will be refered to in the next chapter as well. Hehehe...
I've had a problem with the t in Magnemite... fixed now. Must have missed some before.
Quote originally posted by SilverSmeargleSplatter:
I didn't find too much wrong with this chapter. It was really funny, though! You're so original!

Loved that! xD

I'll assume you forgot to hit the shift key. ;D

Oh my gosh. xD I was rolling here. It's great to know my favorite Pokemon wants to know what beer tastes like. :3

Can't wait for the next chapter!! ;D
The shift key in challenge? Hmm... I check to see if I did that eariler... cheers once again.
Quote originally posted by Shinobitrainer:
Espeon and Umbreon are my favorites as well!

Anyway, bobandbill, I finally finished reading up to now and guess what? It's still awesome--although the mods seemed to have removed my story!
Thanks. Many have liked Espeon and Umbreon.
As for your story... well, I actually think that it's because the forums here had a problem, and lost a week of data. I believe you posted yours then, so it got wiped, rather than deleated by the mods... it took out two of my chapters as well.
Gym Leader Wattson wants to battle!
The cheerfully electrifying man!
Wahahahaha! Good things come to those who laugh!
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