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Originally Posted by Espreon View Post
Great chapter, having Rui as a Pokemon trainer brought some originality into this.

"Curious George and the Electrical Fence" LOL!

Oh and BTW its Magnemite not Magnetmite.

Actually Croconaw evolves at level 36.
Thanks. Rui being a trainer will be refered to in the next chapter as well. Hehehe...
I've had a problem with the t in Magnemite... fixed now. Must have missed some before.
Originally Posted by SilverSmeargleSplatter View Post
I didn't find too much wrong with this chapter. It was really funny, though! You're so original!

Loved that! xD

I'll assume you forgot to hit the shift key. ;D

Oh my gosh. xD I was rolling here. It's great to know my favorite Pokemon wants to know what beer tastes like. :3

Can't wait for the next chapter!! ;D
The shift key in challenge? Hmm... I check to see if I did that eariler... cheers once again.
Originally Posted by Shinobitrainer View Post
Espeon and Umbreon are my favorites as well!

Anyway, bobandbill, I finally finished reading up to now and guess what? It's still awesome--although the mods seemed to have removed my story!
Thanks. Many have liked Espeon and Umbreon.
As for your story... well, I actually think that it's because the forums here had a problem, and lost a week of data. I believe you posted yours then, so it got wiped, rather than deleated by the mods... it took out two of my chapters as well.