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Originally Posted by zel View Post
I havent seen the "travel to the past" idea in a while, so it's good to see it again.

I have a question: how do the berry trees work? They give you just one berry and that's it? Because you could work a bit with flags and make it so that the tree gives you a berry and then it wont give another till you grab a berry from a different (and far away) tree, to pseudo simulate regrowing berries on the trees.
Yes i know i really love the past tiles to ^^ and the berry tree ius working very easy look it will say that it's a fruit berry tree then you you can get the option of you w3ant to pick op the berry (with boxset 5 YES/NO) if you say no you can always try again if you say YES then you get the berry (exemple: Razz berry) then the script stops if you now talk to that berry tree again it will always say (ALWAYS) There is nothing... ;)

@Cronos: Thnx ^^ and yes i whas forgot to rip that cut tree to... :S
well it's very easy about that storyline look.. you'll find a old statue in tropical valley if you talk to it (look) you remember the old pokemon CELEBI the pokemon who control the time.. after you look at it you i'll lose your conscience.. then you 're in violet city and aftyer a few seconds you remeber that you're back in the times of jhotot VIOLET CITY) where you can battle again with falkner in the old G/S/C style he got only (to bad for you guys) 2x Starly and 1x stariva the story of that will contineu....

@Xtinction: Thnx ^^

@bruom: lol and i'll try to fix it ;)

I got new screens people ^^ i hope you like it ^^
The new style of the Pokécenter

The Fossil cave (you get from gary (later in that cave) flash ;))

(That shell what you see can you pick up if you bring it then to the prof. that you meet on tropical Valley) he'll bring then for you to live (the shells (kaboto and omanyte shells)

The boat that will bring you to Tropical valley.

That whas all for now people

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