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Originally Posted by Jvg View Post
Nice Screens Mitchel ^^ I really like them. The New colours of the Pokecenter look great and the Idea of the fossile cave is cool.

Succes ;)
Thnx JvG :D

@Dark Swellow, PiplupGHacker: Thnx ^^

@ninja55: thnx but i don't need beta testers ;)

I got 3 new screens for you people with new (nice) tiles ^^
WAH/Pey: For the D/p traps
kyledove: For the new D/P house (Big and small) (All tiles insert by me:))
Almust forgot thnx to rsr i know now how i must insert tiles ^^

Anyway.. to make it short enjoy the new screens :D

that whas all for now people^^ i hope you like it ;)

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