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Quote originally posted by zel:
Watched the video and it was nice. I'm not really a fan of long dialogues (specially on Pokemon games), but dont worry, I still think everything was ok

A chapter seems to have a really lot of events, I'm still surprised about that. And I wonder how many chapters there would be.
Thanks zel.
Honestly, I don't know how many chapters this hack will have.

Oh well, the more, the merrier, the more stress I'll be having.

Quote originally posted by PiplupGHacker:
Ok, when I opened it in No$GBA, it just said "Game Boy Player" and never went past that screen. and in VBA, It just was a blank white screen. I really want to play this game, what do I do? (Yes, I patched it, and used Lunar IPS to do it.)

EDIT: Nevermind I just had to press enter =P
Eheheheh... xD

Quote originally posted by ~*Pikafan*~:
I watched the video, amazing, Caterpie doesn't seem innocent anymore... *evil smirk*

Quote originally posted by Darkrai Lv.1000:
awesum!!!! a hack based on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon! i luv Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. keep up the good work, good luck, and i hope u complete it!!!
Thanks so much.

Quote originally posted by Darkly_the_flygon:
this hack is even better than reign of legends, but the rescue teams are a bit overpowered
Don't worry. I'll lower their levels as soon as we begin Alpha testing.

Quote originally posted by magikarp HAX:
love the way it is a hack of ruby, and not pmd. it plays great, and , along with pokemon ruby destiny, is one of the best hacks on the site, after shiny gold (nothing beats this...).
great job
Erm, thanks, I think. :\

Quote originally posted by pokepal2007:
Wow your hack has come along great i completed the beta 2 i can't waint till beta 3 comes out
Thank you.

Quote originally posted by ~*Pikafan*~:
I just finished the beta today, and it was great. 2 things though.

1. I found one typing error, you put Does'nt instead of Doesn't on the top of the ice mountain. I'm not sure when it is though.

2. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I found a wild SHINY Machop and I didn't save the screen! The first time I find a shiny and I can't catch it! MAN!
It's in the first post in the bugs section that a lot of misspelled words are to be found in the game. :\
So sorry about that...

Also, Shiny Machop ei? Lucky you!

Quote originally posted by makunouchi:
You always have to keep us anxious eh DJG?
But i've played mystery dungeon before and i know what role the gengar has.
But just to be much lines did that script have?
It seemed like one of the longest scripts i've ever seen.
Eheheh... I got beaten.
Thanks and no, that's not a long script, the longest script I hve ever done so far was the Palkia Warp Event script in Reign of Legends.

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