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Quote originally posted by IceCharizard:
Is that is Pokemon Square?

Yup! The east part of the Square.

Quote originally posted by C3LEBI-愛:
Oh a new screenie!!! <3
Anyways, I love it. Especially those overworlds, they're sooo good!
Yeah, I can understand you. I'm being uninspired to hack right now xD
Thats because my rom crashed most of the times lol
Anyways good luck!

Oh well, thanks C3LEBI...
Yeah, I need inspiration though... Oh well...

Quote originally posted by Darkly_the_flygon:
Great hack! keep up the good work!

Thanks and we will.

Quote originally posted by IceCharizard:
OK........... so this is how it goes (correct me if I'm wrong)

1. Sinister Woods
2. Fortune Valley
3. Bouquet Field
4. Garden Field
5. Vapid Swamp (through Silver Desert)
6. Green Hills
7. Mt. Krystal
8. Mt. Krystal again
9. Mineral Cave


Quote originally posted by omnimon:
I love your hack, but i was wondering...

Why did you only create 3 of the 4 great dragons?

Only three new great dragons, yes, that's correct, but I'll zip my mouth for now.


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