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Thanks for posting, guys! Progress on the hack is coming along pretty well, and Beta 2 is practically on the horizons! But a few things I want to address...

Quote originally posted by Sirwillis04:
nice hack...
storyline seems a bit cheesy/flaky...
perhaps a few changes could be made to that?

uhhh...and the hero overworld...seems...transexual kinda...perhaps you could get rid of the pony tail or sumthing?

and the is's only a minor difference in the colour...could you not change the trees or something...but i guess it is the beta...

sir willis
As regards the Hero's Overworld, I know it looks kinda fruity (Despite I've seen several people with hairstyles like that), but if you were knocked out for 5 straight years and just woke up, the nearest barber being several miles away, there's not much you could do with your hair...There's the possibility of scissors, but you wouldn't want short, rough, and uneven hair either. Especially if you're a 17 year-old amnesiac.

Pokeymenz Am-nee-shaaah Beta 4 Released!