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hello pipz...
Minor updates...

I am done scripting the eleventh event, however, it is very very VERY short... I could have made it a bit longer though, but I'm not really inspired to do so...

Tomorrow, I'll be on a little roadtrip to the city with my dad.
Hopefully, I can get some sight-seeing that could regain my inspiration to hack...

I am currently understanding the 12th event, which will be the start of the confusion around the Square.
I don't want to spill the beans, for it would not be anymore exciting...
Also, I should let you all know that you will be having a little journey heading back to the Square from Johto.
If you wonder why I stated Johto, please be patient, for as I said, I won't spill the beans.
I think it's best if I leave you all a bit excitingly confused... :\

Oh well...
Good day to you all and have fun hacking~

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