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Try installing Sappy v.1 (AKA Sappy 2005), the installer for which is found at The Helmeted Rodent, where EliteMap is. That will register the appropriate .OCX file needed to run Sappy; you'll now have Sappy 2005 and 2006. Note that you might get an error if you use Vista; I'm getting the "Sappy has stopped working" thing too.

EDIT: I just figured out how to use Sappy if you get the Vista error. Just take the .xml file from Sappy 2006 and replace Sappy 2005's .xml file with the 2006 one, then use Sappy 2005. I just did that and Sappy 2005 dosen't crash and I can get to every song! Wether I can put mine in remains to be seen......

EDIT 2: When I go to compile the song, it has porblems with the .s file or a "type mismatch". Does anyone have any insight on this?

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