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This game looks quite impressive, and I like the plot. I'm not too keen on Wichu (the Pokemon, not you ), but I'm glad you're giving Chimecho an evo - it's been desperately needing one. Also, I like the Reverse Pokemon idea; just having 1 regular type of Pokemon variation (not counting gender variation) never seemed like enough to me.

Maybe by the time I get a new comp (my current one won't handle XP), I'll be able to play it.

*EDIT* I just saw your PBR-type custom trainer feature; very nice. It makes me wonder why D/P never put that in.

If ya want this to be a usable emote, copy & paste to show your support!

Support Amber IDE.......because, seriously, we need an actual Pokemon game engine.

For those who don't know, Nintendo has shut down Pokemon Fusion Generation in a massive case of overreach.
Let's show Nintendo that that ain't acceptable.
Use the hashtag #FreePFG on Twitter, so that one guy's hard work isn't erased.

Feel free to PM me if ya have any questions.

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