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Wow nice game. I really will support it for the 4 weeks I am on these forums. Anyway I would like to ask is the reversed rate some were in the 4000 or the 3000. Also if its reversed and shiny what would it look like. For example since a charizard shiny is one of
the best is that going to change. Like it would be blue and white or something like that?
Also I got some ideas. These ideas lead to other shiny/reverse pokemon
1. You know how pokemon eventually die? Why not make in the laverder town style tower dual type ghosts of dead pokemon with a new pallete. Likea ghost/fire charizard that is ghostly.
2. Instead of makeing the pokemon reversed why not beefed up like a super sayin. When they come in to battle you also have a wave of power go around them.
Thats all I can offer.