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Okay, so here is an update! As of right now, I have been doing some tileset work, since we still had a lot of Gold tilesets in there. Anyways, with the exception of a few minor things here and there, all that is left is Mt. Moon. Which means the demo is getting very close. I apologize for the slower progress, unfortunately I am sick and have a 7 page paper to get done by Tuesday. Darn real world. lol. Anyways the demo is really close now. I know this makes about the 3rd time I have said it is close, but this is the closest it has been. Demo should be very soon, and expect more and more updates leading up to it.

Also, while you won't see much in the way of rumours happening yet, you will begin to see the set up for a couple, as well as a new feature that you will have to play to find out

Also, @simplynaruto from the top of the page (not sure how i forgot to answer that)
The tools we use are:
Goldmap 1.6 - Jigglypuff's website
Agixp 4.11 English - Translated from German by me, availible on
Tile Layer Pro - Comes with Elitemap, also can be found on its own
Pokétext - Google it
Translhextion - Google it
Pointer Calculator - Take your pick, there are several


I refuse to double post, so here is somethign you all may find interesting. I am currently finishing up a 7 page research paper I had to write for my Comp class, and since it was on a topic of our choosing, you guessed it, I wrote a 7 page research paper on Pokémon. The hard part is inventing sources to cite when you don't have any. Its fairly easy to write a paper you have been "researching" since you were in the 4th grade XD
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