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The border of spam.

I'm sorry that your hard work got lost, though. It happens sometimes. Maybe copy your review to Word (or another word processor) before hitting submit so you have a copy in case PC refuses to process it?
I use Opera's notes, which work quite well, but only if I remember to actually use the damn' things.

The Victorian comment caught me off-guard a little, though. If you meant the Shakespeare references, those are actually Elizabethan. Otherwise, I'm probably doing something that I didn't even realize I'm doing, but I'm glad it works well. ;
Oh, dear. I have my English dates all messed up, you see. I had thought he was Victorian-era, but I mistook that for Elizabethan. This next quote shall represent all paragraphs on its topic for the purpose of converation:

I do get what you're saying, though, and I'll try to make things a bit clearer in the story, not only about her father but also about Sebastian's obsession with her (which, looking at it, I kinda contradict myself in terms of what I'm trying to imply as well). I'm guessing the other problems lie with the Trio, Rosaline, and Andrew, then, right?
I have similar issues in too much implication and insifficient explanation. In theory enough flashback to explain the origin of these traits or an emphasis on the causes of these traits should be enough explanation for an enterprising reader, though I'm only theorizing. Also, as I said, I had expected a definite reason, but was simply a little confused as to the reason itself.

Would it take any of my credibility away if I said Sebastian is sort of falling gibbering into the pit of romance? XD He regards Viola as a sister, but on the other hand, he also may harbor other feelings for her. Viola, meanwhile, is both oblivious and wouldn't care for him past a business partner and roommate anyway.

Meanwhile, the other romantic pairings that may experience lovey-dovey sorts of moments are either sick (Orsino and Olivia, who are actually brother and sister) or really can only end a limited number of ways (Romeo and Juliet).
That is acceptable. It makes me happy. 8D *acid trip*

Also, Bay, I believe Viola and Sebastian are from the Twelfth Night.
Hoenn journeyfic. Credit to Filb for the font.
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