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Basically, the paper details how it started, why it became a fad, how it changed over time, where it is now, and where is it going. Most of it we already know though, it does a lot of describing the games and all and indicates the ridiculousness of the number of Pokémon there are these days. It is also interesting because I am the only person I know who has cited a video game as a reference (I referenced Red, Yellow, Gold, TCG, Ruby, Fire Red, and Diamond as sources XD) I actualyl wrote the entire thign from memory and came up with the sources afterwards. things I couldnt find a good source for, I asked my friend Ryosuke, an international student form Japan "Can I pretend I interviewed you as a source?" to which he agreed. He is my catch-al for useles trivia type knowledge in the paper (Honestly though I have forgotten more about Pokemon than he ever knew, he played a long time ago but also quit a long time ago too lol) Anyway, that's how that went and if you want I can post it on for you to read. As for now, time to get to work getting that demo out!
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