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I think it's time for another one of my "overall progress" posts. Here we go!

Well, I must say that this game has certainly matured. I've been watching it from the very beginning, even if I didn't always post. Although it started as "just another cheap project" that nobody thought would last more than a month, with heavy criticism from all sides, it has become something exceptional. Although the first demo showed virtually nothing of skill, and was quite poorly done, the second demo has shown that project hasd become truly great. The tilesets started out as poor quality rips and scratches, and have evolved into something that, if not exactly like those of Diamond and Pearl, are good enough to merit use in any game. The pokemon sprites have not only become better, they have become truly exceptional, although sometimes a little strange.

Overally, I think that this game has progressed from a poorly made "look what I did!" demo into an extremely well made game that can vie for its own place in the Pokemon world.

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