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I really like this idea. Do you mind if I use an English Name?

Name: Alex Nara

History: Alex was a kid that his parents ignored. His parents wanted a girl to name Alexandra. So when he grew up in Konoha he lived on the streets alone. He eventually ran off and quit Konoha and on the virge of death of hunger and dehydration, found the Shadow Village and was taken in by an old couple that nursed him to help. He trained with the Elite.

Rank: Chunin

Appearance: Alex wears a fish net shirt under his Chunin jacket. He specialy painted the jacket black. He wears his hair up like Shikamaru did and it's jet black. It helps him stay in the shadows on missions. He wears black cargo pants with every pocket filled with fire kunias, Shurikens, Kunais, etc. He wears black shoes like every other ninja. He wears his headband rapped around his wrist.

Jutsus: Shadow Possession, Shadow Strangle, Trap Kunai, Shadow Paralysiss.

Village Origin: Konoha