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Just a few things on the current Beta...

Are you planning on changing the Pokemon names to small caps? I know you've done it with people and places, but what about Pokemon?

When your father gives you the Running Shoes it randomly uses a different name I think. I might not of been paying attention

Where the National Pass is required, south of Mason, the guard says "SOUTH Rijon". Should this be small caps?

Overall I have loved the game so far, the aesthetic changes are nice too. For some reason it reminds me of R/S

EDIT: Also, I'm sorry if you know this, but to the left of the southernmost house in Hayward City there is a hidden Rare Candy. When you pick it up you get eight Rare Candies This is fairly common place in hacks, I'm not sure what causes it...

EDIT 2: Just north of Hayward where you battle your rival the movement script only works well if you are right up against the left set of trees. If you are not your Rival will not talk directly to you and may end up walking through you!

Sorry about posting all these
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