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Quote originally posted by BlackRainbow*:
This is awesome Hiroshi. This UPS format is really awesome. But i've tryed to patch one of my game and it failed :( .
You… didn't just try to patch FireRed with the rijonAdventures public beta, did you? That's an IPS patch, not a UPS patch… :x

The final game will use UPS patches. The current beta does not. You won't be needing UPS at the moment.

Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
UPS ei?
I heard of it, forgot the source, yet I haven't tried it yet.
I might try it later on, soon, I guess...

it may be a bit off-topic, but would you mind sharing the difference between IPS and UPS format..?

also, i wish ou luck on progress~
I tried to explain on the page, but it seems you don't get it.

Anyway, UPS allows patches to be created for ROMs over 16 MB of size (which is a limitation of IPS).

(Warning: Following is technical jargon which you may not understand.) It's an open source specification (one whose author is known). And, unlike IPS (to which the many programs available might not patch properly), UPS aims to not be changed at all - it's a recommendation by its developer, byuu, that programs that use the UPS specification don't change the spec (hence, any proper UPS patching program will patch the same way, making no stupid errors).