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Just thought I'd throw out some screen shots of what I'm currently working on...

I've made it a goal to keep all of the pointer-management in YAPE as automatic as possible. This did lead to some downsides in that the total number of learned attacks and total pokédex text was limited. I had initially considered providing the ability to manually override the pointers (and lose all of the automatic update capabilites), but I think what I have now is a much better approach...

I'm adding a tool to YAPE that allows easily relocating this data. The benefits:
  • All pointer handling remains automatic, even if you need more space.
  • All of the text and learned moves stay together in the ROM. To me, this is much cleaner than scattering various pieces of the data everywhere with custom pointers.
  • It's much simpler and easier for average users who just want to add more text/moves. (At least I hope it is.)

The manual relocation is already working. Still some things to do on the automatic as well as other cleanup and safety checking... I'll be making another release once I have this and a few other minor things updated.

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