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Chapter Four: Out of the Brew

*********Magma HQ, 5F*********

"I've missed you, Flora." The white-furred Arcanine nodded gently as she turned to the left. "This will be your room, my dear. It has a mini-refrigerator, microwave oven, walk-in closet, computer desk with massage chair, queen bed, and a phone to all your fellow employees. No outside line, naturally; sadly the police are quite good at tracing phone calls down to a point on a GPS system. GPS being your Global Positioning System, of course. That comes standard issue to you. It's a special model."

"Special... model?" Flora sat down on the chair, its power off at the moment thankfully.

"Yes. This was my brainchild, though I had no paw in making it. Erm... excuse me." Elune had broken off a quick chortle at her reference. "I suggested it two years ago, however by then I had already become an Arcanine. I'll explain what happened eventually... but for now I'll tell you about that GPS in your hand. It runs similarly to a Pokedex, but instead of pointing it at the person you wish to find, you say their name. It shows precise coordinates, and vocalizes the town nearest the location. It makes, um... headhunts... much easier to perform successfully. Best of all, if you say 'Go get!' to a flight-capable Pokemon you own, it will fly straight there. It also allows for surfing Pokemon to near the target, and updates dynamically as the target moves."

"Thanks, Mom. Woof, I feel so strange saying that to an Arcanine..."

Elune barked back in a slightly feral response. "Yes... you should relax for the moment; your father will be here shortly to conduct your testing-site tour." The Arcanine bounded out of the room, and Flora waited for the galloping footsteps to recede before saying, "Avinarti Imalurra."

The GPS system hummed and chirred as it conducted a search for her brother. Thirty seconds passed before 'No match. Perhaps this person is already dead? Or did you make a pronunciation error?' flashed on the screen. It spoke suddenly, advising that 'Avinarti Imalurra could not be found. Check to confirm this is whom you wish to find and try again.'

What!? Flora thought in devastation. No... I... he has to be out there somewhere... Where...

*********Magma HQ, 4F*********

"Elune, you've returned." Tekari turned away from the bumbling scientist Gleason. "I presume she's in her room at the moment?"

"Yes, Tekari." The Arcanine nodded and hummed several octaves as she walked to the opposite end of the mixing laboratory.

She's already tried her GPS... too bad she doesn't know that Avi was locked away. Beta v1.9 made it so incarcerated humans no longer show up on there. Winona, you've made me proud.

*********Southern Route 120*********

{Ferra!} A male Linoone cried out to a lagging Zigzagoon to the west. {Hurry up; your mother said to be back by the time the sun peaked!}

{Daddy? Where are you?} The young Pokemon seemed lost, as though blinded. {Daddy, why did it get so dark...}

{Ferra!? What are you... it's not even midday! Quit straggling and get over here!}

As the Zigzagoon regained her vision, she saw a Mightyena roaring at her, yet... something was odd about this one. It seemed... similar to a certain other Pokemon Ferra had heard about. {Daddy... I think that nasty dragon is around again...} she cried out, hoping her father could hear.

{Ferra, that's it, I'm gonna drag you by your neck if I have-} The Linoone's words broke off with a piercing scream.

*********Central Route 120*********

Shade padded away from the Breloom he had just met, still contemplating one name: Flora. It seemed so distant, so indistinct, but something rang a bell in the morph's brain. Was that... no...

His thoughts were interrupted by a scream, panicked and breaking in pitch from mid-high to girlish. What!? That's coming from the south... His tail flicked as he broke into a clumsy sprint; something about his four legs didn't quite register full control...

*********Southern Route 120*********

The Linoone began to totter with uneasiness. {Ferra, get away from-}

"Shut up!" The Mightyena morph barked at the poor, uneasy Pokemon. Now where is Drake!? Tell me!!!"

{Daddy... he won't stop talking about this Drake...} the Zigzagoon squeaked with fear. {I don't know him but...}

"Damn it, shut up!! You're lying and when I find Drake you're going to p-" The bully's speech stopped in its tracks as Shade belted him with a right hook to the nose. Shade's legs seemed uneasy and restless, yet his arms remained in a controlled heave, along with his breathing.

"Are you two okay?" the Houndoom morph asked gently, getting only a quick nod from Ferra and incoherent stammering from the Linoone. Shade stomped on the Mightyena's nose, sending it running with several yips and growled swear words. "I hate this. First those Breloom tell me to go away and now there's... he looked like me? He mentioned Drake right before I whomped him. Could that be... the Salamence morph?"

{Salamence... morph?} Ferra asked, tilting her head to the left. {What's a... morph... mister?}

"Apparently... that Mightyena was one... and so am I... and Drake. Whoever he is..." Shade began to think back to Flora mentioning Johnny. "Wait. He's more likely than not... the one that murdered Flora's betrothed, and I hesitantly say her mother as well. Petal mentioned that just after I woke up. I fear that Drake and that Mightyena are partners. This world's getting full of bullies. Are you... scared, young Zigzagoon?"

{No, sir,} Ferra said cheerily. {Now Daddy is but that was really cool what you just did! Haha, right in the nose! Love it!} The Zigzagoon hopped up and down, excited about her rescuer. {What's your name, mister?}

"Shade," the Houndoom morph said quickly. "Look, I better get going... I'd hate for your daddy to yell at me. Besides, I should look for this Drake fellow." And Flora, too. I know Petal told me to never see her again but I feel as though that cheerful Breloom knows something I don't...
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