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Woah, this is like the fastest update yet! XD There's a reason for that though: my beta DarkPersian479's internet access will be limited for a couple of months. So I'll say sorry in advance that Chapter 11 won't be updated that fast. ^^; All right, the chapter and then the big announcements.

Thanks again to DarkPersian479 for betaing this chapter!

Chapter Ten
Sky High Battle

After Jacob and the bird Pokémon got out of Harbor Inn, they ran and then stopped after a good distance. They quickly glanced at their surroundings to make sure the coast was clear. The Xatu stared at the man, waiting for him to answer if it would be all right to use Teleport. Jacob nodded and smiled.

“Yes, I think so. Okay, Teleport us to…”

He was interrupted when he saw a bright light shining at the Pokémon Center. Both Jacob and his Xatu stared with wide eyes.

“What’s that?”


A storm of silver gems hit Timmy’s arm and made Nurse Joy and Lucas cover their eyes with their hands. All three cried out in pain. When that attack happened, Bunny closed her eyes, but none of the gems hit her. As soon as the attack ended, she opened them and saw a Pokémon she had never seen before.

Despite her four tiny wings, the bee Pokémon still looked very menacing. The Vespiquen’s red eyes and two sharp teeth made Bunny’s eyes open wide. One look at the glowing ruby on her head instantly let Bunny know how the Power Gem attack was produced.

After staring at the Pokémon, she saw Jenny, Sky, and Balin smiling. Bunny grinned back at Jenny. Her grin became bigger when she saw the angry faces of Nurse Joy, Lucas, and Timmy, all three had a shade of red on their faces. Bunny could not help but crack a smile when she saw Timmy’s veins on the bottom part of his forehead almost popped out and his right eye blinking rapidly.

Seeing Jenny using her Vespiquen told the whole story. Timmy first thought Jenny was kidnapped when it was not the case. Already he felt all his rage towards Jenny, anger poisoning his mind.

Doesn’t she know it’s wrong to help a criminal?

“Jenny…don’t tell me it’s ALL A HOAX!”

Lucas sighed and shook his head. He thought the same thing, but he knew better than to suddenly scream. Not only that, he was the type of person that gave things a chance.

“Timmy, calm down. Let Jenny give her explanation…”

Timmy did not listen. He continued screaming at Jenny. Jenny just stared at him, waiting for him to finish.


Timmy’s scream woke up everyone in the Pokémon Center, as they came to see what was all the commotion. The same or similar questions flew though the room as rapid as an Agility attack. Despite his huge yell and many curious eyes staring at the scene, Jenny beamed.

“I told you that Bunny Spruce’s innocent. Now, let’s be reasonable about this.”

Timmy slapped his face. Despite him having an attraction towards Jenny, his mind was focused on what the woman did. He now hated her for saying that to him.

There’s no use explaining to that woman. I guess there’s only one thing to do.

Timmy grabbed Bunny’s cuffed arms again, which made her yelp. Balin this time growled to himself but had tiny flames forming inside his throat. Seeing that, Sky began talking to him, asking him not to resort to violence yet. Balin stopped growling and grunted. Jenny gasped while the crowd began muttering to each other about what was happening so far.

.“Timmy! Please, can we talk?”

“Let me go! I did not do anything! Jenny actually has proof! Jenny, show her that paper!”

Jenny nodded and was about to take out the paper from her pocket until she heard Timmy speak again.

“What’s unreasonable is that you’re helping a criminal and attacking your very own force!”

When Timmy was about to leave with Bunny, Jenny glared at Timmy with her eyes burning with rage. She turned to Lucas, who just frowned at her.

“Sorry Jenny, but you have to be in question too for helping Bunny. The consequences for that will be explained too.”

The chief sighed. He was shocked at Jenny for helping a criminal too. Unlike Timmy, Lucas’s feelings was different. Seeing Jenny’s wide eyes almost made him actually want to forgive her, but he lowered his head down.

“Nothing can express how much I’m disappointed in you. Never thought a great officer like you would pull this kind of stunt.”

Jenny bit her lip. She hated it when Lucas became disappointed with her. She did not like it when she did something wrong that led people to hate her. The officer knew she did not have much time to redeem herself and she had to do it quickly.

“Look chief, I seriously have evidence that Bunny’s innocent. Wait, I have it…”

“Jenny,” Lucas interrupted in a harsher tone. “The evidence points to Bunny It even says to find her. Isn’t it obvious, Jenny? Bunny Spruce murdered Ernest Norrison. Come on, let’s get back to the police station. “

Lucas grabbed Jenny’s hand tightly and then the two were following Timmy and Bunny. At first Jenny was speechless and thought she would not be able to get out of Lucas’ grip. There was no more enthusiasm from her left, she felt weak all of a sudden. However, she then smiled.

All they care about is getting the criminals as soon as possible. Me too, but I know I won’t be that narrow minded. I guess I‘ve got no other choice…

Jenny turned to her Vespiquen and nodded. The bee Pokémon nodded back and quickly flew off. In less then a second, she grabbed Bunny’s arm and the two instantly went outside.

“What the?” asked Lucas, not realizing he had let go of Jenny. “Let’s go get them!”

“Balin, Sky, distract them!” commanded Jenny.

Sky chuckled and then puffed out black smoke; the Haze attack soon made the officers and Nurse Joy not able to see anything and complain about it. It was then Balin’s turn so he spit out three violet flaming orbs. The Will-o-Wisp attack smashed down on the tiled floor and even more smoke burst out. Balin, Sky, and Jenny took the opportunity to run outside.

When the three came out, they saw both Bunny and the bee Pokémon turned around.

“Now what?” Bunny asked quickly while taking deep breaths. Her eyes went wide when she glanced at the smoke coming out from the building.

Jenny took out Vespiquen’s pokéball and returned her. With not a second to lose, she instantly took out her Tropius’ pokéball and he emerged.

“We don’t have much time! Return Sky now!”

Back at the Pokémon Center, the smoke cleared out to reveal a brown owl Pokémon flapping his wings.

“Noctowl, owl!” the Noctowl hooted.

“Great job there, Eisen!” Timmy said happily. He turned to Lucas and said to him, “Let’s go right now!”

Lucas nodded and the two dashed out towards the Pokémon Center door.


“But where are we going?” Bunny asked loudly while stomping her foot.

“Worry about that later! Let’s go now that we have the chance!”

Bunny’s body and hands shook. She was never used to people screaming at her like that. She nodded, knowing the officer was right.

After Bunny returned Sky, she grabbed Balin and all three climbed on the Tropius’ back once again. Jenny patted her Pokémon’s back before she screamed, “Okay Tropius, let’s take off again!”

The grass Pokémon nodded and its leafy wings burst up. After the wings flapped a few times, he took off again. Once up high, he gave the loudest roar he ever emitted.


After they saw that bright light, Jacob and the Xatu just stared at the building as if they expected more lights to come. The fireworks show was just getting started, though. They then saw two women and a Ninetales take off on the back of a Tropius that just recently roared. Soon, two officers came out.

He titled his head while still watching the Tropius and his passengers flying up high. One of the girls and the Ninetales were what got Jacob’s mind scattered in utter confusion.


Why would she be running away from the police? Also, why the Pokemon Center? Maybe the police aren’t looking for him after all? Those questions kept repeating inside Jacob’s head.


His Pokémon’s scream gave him little time to try to come up with answers to his questions and instead made him turn around. The people from the Pokémon Center began to flee the building. Suddenly, Jacob nodded when he saw them.

Probably someone will tell me what happened.

As Jacob ran towards the people, Xatu followed behind.


Lucas took the driver’s seat, quickly started the car, and took off in a hurry. He knew he might need to order his Noctowl to perform some attacks later on. Timmy popped his head out of the window.

“Okay Eisen, get ready to attack, got it?”

“Owl!” the Noctowl exclaimed happily. Eisen then flew up high and screamed his battle cry. “NOCTOWWWWLLLL!”

Timmy just chuckled when he heard that and then let the cool breeze kiss his face.

On the passenger’s side, Lucas’ hands started shaking and he frowned. His head felt foggy and cold. The chief was worried for both Jenny and Timmy, afraid that their argument might get this case nowhere. Not only that, he was afraid Jenny and Bunny might get hurt.

“Are you sure battling is the way, Timmy?”

“Of course! Come on, you too would probably use force if things don’t go your way, right?”

One of Lucas’ eyes twitched. “Only in dire situations!”

“And this is a dire situation! Jenny won’t agree to bring Bunny back! She even used her own Pokémon to get that woman from us! Come on chief, we tried to reason with her peacefully, but it didn’t work.”

Lucas gasped and then sighed. He was at first uncomfortable with Timmy battling against Jenny, but at the end he knew that was the only thing they could do. Because of how Jenny was the one that started attacking them in the first place, it seemed fair.

Not wanting to have conflicts about this, Lucas then thought about how Jenny helped Bunny. He was disappointed with Jenny, but like before still stood in favor of giving her a chance for a say on this.

Hope she’ll come peacefully with us in the end, despite what we’ll do next.

After he nodded, he answered, “Okay, maybe you got something there. However, be careful, all right?”

“Don’t worry, I will. The battle will only be of Pokémon versus Pokémon. Hope that will make Jenny surrender.”


The Tropius flew with ease, despite three passengers on his back. Bunny still took deep breaths. She still could not believe Jenny took a risk to save her in front of her peers.

“You are now going to lose your job!” Bunny said with concern.

Jenny giggled and answered, “Like I said, I’ll be able to go to another police station easily from one of my relatives. Nice of you to worry about me, though.”

When Balin chuckled, Bunny glared at him angrily. The Ninetales stopped as soon as he saw her and then gulped.

“Anyways,” Jenny continued, “I think we should hide at Oreburgh City for a little bit. Maybe then we can plan other hiding places and possibly brainstorm who could be my uncle’s murderer.”

As the breeze touched Bunny’s face, she began thinking. For the first time tonight, she was beginning to have fun. Again, Bunny could not believe they got away once again and felt excitement shaking her mind.

She grinned and then cheered, “Yes, we tricked them again!”

At first Jenny’s eyes went wide, but then she laughed after she realized what Bunny meant by that.

“Told ya so,” Jenny said with a smirk.

Balin barked joyfully while Jenny giggled. Bunny continued to show her happiness by screaming in delight and punching her hands up in the air.

It was short lived, though.

There was a hissing noise, as if an invisible force slashed at the sky.


“Tropiusssss!” the Pokémon roared out in pain.

All three turned to look at Tropius and there was a cut on the top part of his front leg.

“Now, who did that?” asked Bunny while her body and hands began shaking.

One scream answered that question.


The two women and two Pokémon turned around and saw a Noctowl close behind them. Their bodies shook and hearts drummed quickly when they saw the bird Pokémon’s childlike smile.

“Good work, Noctowl!” screamed a male’s voice.

Bunny, Balin, the Tropius, and Jenny looked down and saw Timmy’s head out of the police car.

“Timmy? Now what, you’re battling us?” Jenny screamed, her right hand curled tightly into a ball and her breaths becoming deeper.

“Yes, since it seems you’re actually helping the criminal. Now please, bring her back!”

“Criminal? For the last time, she’s innocent! If you want proof, Ernest actually called me…”

“To tell you Bunny is the murderer!” Timmy interrupted.

“Told you so,” Jenny whispered to Bunny. The wanted woman nodded and shook her head. She could not believe it either.

“Look, all of this can be forgotten if you just turn her in! If not, then it’s a battle!”

Bunny had a weird feeling that Jenny would turn her in, but she was not sure why. She bit her lip, not wanting to make whining noises. Bunny felt that the policewoman’s half-closed eyes and frown spoke for itself.

“Please, Ella. Do not turn me in,” Bunny whispered while shaking her head.

Jenny just smiled and winked.

“Then battle!” she screamed.

Balin cheered and wagged his nine tails while Bunny grinned. This battle could get interesting.


On the grassy area of route 218, the crowd, including Jacob and his Xatu, stopped there to watch the battle. This was one police chase scene no one wanted to miss.

“This is going to be good!” said a chubby man in hiker clothes.

“How will it end?” a skinny red haired girl asked.

“I bet that the police will catch them!” a tall man in pajamas said.

Jacob just sighed while the other people in the crowd chattered. They cared more about who would be winning then what if someone got hurt. All he worried about now was what injures would result from the battle.

I hope Bunny will be okay.

His mind suddenly went back to the question as to how Bunny was accused of murdering Ernest. He looked around and tapped his finger at a skinny man in a robe.

“Excuse me, but what’s going on?”

“I’m not sure, but this woman named Bunny’s accused of murdering Ernest Norrison.”

Jacob’s eyes grew big and he held his breath. That was the last thing he wanted to hear.

Bunny? Why she would be accused of murder?

If it were true that Bunny was accused of murder, he for sure knew then someone framed her. More information was needed.

“Do you know anything else?”

The sleepy man shook his head. “Sorry, that’s all I know.”

Jacob sighed, disappointed there was nothing else he could find on that case. He looked up at the sky and shook his head.

That should’ve been me.

He grunted and put his head down in shame. Whatever caused the police to catch Bunny, Jacob knew they were looking for the wrong person. It would be the right thing to turn himself him and tell the policemen the truth. However, he did not want to.

My reputation will be ruined. I won’t be taken seriously. I still want to save Bunny, though. There must be a way…

When he glanced at the sky again, he sighed, heartbroken on what to do.


Timmy gave out a sly smile, believing this battle would be good.

“Okay Eisen, let’s start out with Psychic!”

The owl Pokémon’s eyes glowed blue and soon a rainbow beam was heading towards them. Before Jenny ordered an attack, the Tropius’ wings blazed white and he used them as a shield. When the attack hit the wings, it just bounced back.

“Good thinking, Tropius,” said Jenny proudly. When he heard that, the grass Pokémon roared in triumph.

Eisen snorted. He had thought the attack would make a critical hit. Timmy clutched his teeth before he decided on another attack.



Sounds waves were emitted from that screech. It instantly went through Tropius’ ears, so he closed his eyes tightly. His passengers did the same, but Bunny and Jenny also covered their ears.


“Too loud!” Bunny yelled, trying to make her voice louder than that screech.


The Tropius really could not take it. Each second of that screech was worse than before. He felt as if the sound went through his heart and cut it piece by piece.


Balin felt like crying, but he bit his lip. The noise was too much for him.


Jenny could not think of an attack to call. Like Balin, the noise overtook her mind.


Despite the loud noise, and covering his ears in the process, Timmy smiled. He got them where he wanted.

“Okay, now go for Aerial Ace!”

The sound waves were fading, but the battle went on. Eisen screamed, as if it could make him stronger, and flew rapidly. His head then rammed into the Tropius, which made the dual grass-flying type roar in pain. Bunny and Jenny held tight, and luckily no one fell. Laughter from the Noctowl could be heard.

After a couple of seconds to think, Jenny smiled and got an idea.

“Tropius, hit Eisen hard with Energy Ball!”

The Tropius roared, and then a green shiny ball came out from his mouth. The Energy Ball attack soon hit the Noctowl squarely on the chest. When he saw that, the grass type snorted in accomplishment and smiled.

“Nice work!” Jenny cheered. She heard both Bunny and Balin cheering too. “Now, let’s go with Leaf Storm!”

The Tropius cried in triumph and he flapped his wings. Soon hundreds of bright leaves burst out and turned into a twister. The Leaf Storm attack was about to hit the Noctowl. However, he just stood there and smiled.

That is odd…Bunny thought to herself. That Noctowl’s not doing anything right now, unless he is waiting for the moment to strike.

Back inside the car, Lucas managed to see the battle. He shook his head and then sighed, not liking where the battle was going.

I only hope no one gets seriously hurt.

Timmy gritted his teeth. He needed to think of something or else Jenny would be able to call out more attacks. At that moment, he snapped his fingers.

“Eisen, Double Team!”

Ten copies of the Pokémon appeared. When Eisen screamed, it was louder then before because now there were ten of him.


Everyone‘s eyes widened at the same time. They knew that Double Team could be effective in situations like these. The Leaf Storm attack sliced at all of them, but no sound of pain coming from the real Noctowl yet.

What happens next all four should have known. The real Noctowl, who look like he was actually burning, instantly got out of the leafy storm, the burned leafs falling gently into the sea. Because the Tropius did not expect this to happen, he was not able to protect himself when the owl Pokémon slammed him right on his neck. The Tropius felt burnt marks on that spot.

“Tropiussss!” the Pokémon roared out in pain. He felt dizzy now, his head swaying left and right.

Because of the power of the attack, Bunny lost her grip on her Ninetales and then she fell down on the grass type.


Balin’s jaws dropped and then he yelped. Already fires burned inside his eyes. He then craned his head and then huge flames were let out. Before the attack got to Eisen, he flapped his wings and then the flames went back to Tropius. The grass-flying type though turned away from the flames and then shot a glare at Balin. The Ninetales ignored the Pokemon, instead gritted his teeth and stared at Eisen.

The Noctowl, on the other hand, took very deep breaths, thanks to both his Brave Bird and Gust attack being used back to back.

“That’s the way to fight!” Timmy praised to his Pokémon.

Despite being quite hurt, Eisen gave a small smile.

At first Jenny was not paying attention to anything, her head too shaken up from Eisen’s attack. However, her eyes went wide when she heard a scream and saw Bunny falling.

“Bunny! Tropius, dived down and save Bunny!”

The Tropius roared and then dived down to catch up with Bunny.

Time seemed to slow down for Bunny. She just stared at the stars and the moon. Her heart began beating faster and faster.

Why me?

Bunny never thought she would be in this kind of trouble. She hated how one little misconception could led her to her death. If she instantly ceased to exist, she would not be able to find out more of history’s mysteries.

I am not ready to embrace death yet.

After she took one deep breathe, all seem invertible. That is, until she felt a huge thump Bunny’s eye’s shot wide open and she saw she was back on the Tropius and also Jenny grinning at her.

“This isn’t over yet.”

The archeologist was at first speechless and her eyes wide with confusion. However, she then chuckled and began thinking of how the battle went so far.

Bunny had to hand it to the two Pokémon. Both could endure strong attacks pretty well and both were smart battlers. She wished she were a skilled enough trainer to have her Pokémon battle on their own in very crucial situations. Her mind was interrupted when she noted the Noctowl’s deep breathing. She knew this was a perfect opportunity to attack.

“Jenny, you better think of an attack while you still have a chance! Looks like the Noctowl hit a backlash from its last attack!” Bunny said urgently.

Jenny nodded and then she smirked.

“Tropius, trap Eisen with Grass Knot!”

After he shook his head to concentrate better, skinny leafy vines exploded out from the leafy part of his neck and tied up the tired Noctowl.

“Owl?” Eisen asked with a raised eyebrow. He turned around and saw his opponent smiling.

“Yes, that should hold him!” Jenny exclaimed. Behind her, both Balin and Bunny cheered.

Back at the moving police car, Timmy slammed his hand on the inside of the police door while Lucas just sighed.

“You should do better then that, Timmy. Before you know it, she will be able to disappear with that criminal!”

Timmy’s forehead moved up and down a few times. He began scratching his chin. If no attack were called upon soon, Jenny’s Pokemon would be able to use another attack.

Sometimes preparations and training paid off in the long run. The Noctowl had turned his head halfway upside down and moments later he smiled when he thought of an attack to use.

Eisen’s wings glowed white, like how his opponent’s wings did a few moments ago. With all the strength he could muster, the bird Pokemon struggled to get out. Both Bunny and Jenny gasped when they saw that.

“Tropius, Sweet Scent, quick!” Jenny said after that attack first came to her mind. She hoped the attack would make Timmy’s Pokémon stop struggling to get out.

The Tropius shook his head and pink powder came out. Before it managed to get to the Noctowl’s nose though, the bird Pokémon came out from the vines and flapped his wings rapidly. Everyone closed their eyes while the Gust attack was picking up When the Sweet Scent came to them, it went to everyone’s noses except for Tropius, who managed to not smell the scent. The grass Pokémon quickly turned around to see the faces of Balin, Jenny, and Bunny in a dreamlike state.

“Oh…very pretty stars!” Bunny said.

“So this is how night looks like. It’s too dark!”

Balin, meanwhile, was singing.

“Nine nine nine! Nine nine nine! Nine nine nine na nine.”

“Oh, that’s good!” said Timmy, slapping a few times on the outside of the police car door. “Okay Eisen, hit the Pokémon hard one more time!”

The Tropius sighed. He could not believe that his Sweet Scent could be that powerful. Too concerned for the beings on him, he did not notice the Noctowl flying towards him, wings not glowing very bright this time. His jaws dropped, very surprised at the owl’s speed. The bird’s body was engulfed in flames once again. Again, the Tropius was not able to protect himself when the bird slammed into his right side.

Unlike last time, this one was dead-on and made the Tropius lose his balance. He roared in pain, the flames from the attack blazed on his right side. Soon enough, he was falling down, taking his passengers with him. Not long after, he lost consciousness.

Inside the police car, both Timmy and Lucas cheered very loudly. Victory was in their minds for a little while.

“Now that’s how to battle! Great job…” Timmy paused when he saw both Pokémon falling down. However, his mind was more focused on Jenny and Bunny, both still saying whimsical nonsense and not knowing what was going on.

“Timmy, get your Pokémon now!” commanded Lucas when he saw the same thing. “And while you’re at it, tell Jenny to wake her Tropius up!”

Timmy nodded. This has to be done fast or else disaster would befall the five of them.

“Eisen, return!” Timmy said in an urgent tone.

The officer quickly grabbed Eisen’s pokéball and then a red beam touched the owl Pokémon’s chest, which made him turn red and return safely back to his pokeball. Now another matter to handle was Jenny.

“Jenny! Please, try to wake up your Tropius and then have him land you guys on safe ground!”

Timmy bit his lip. He clenched one of his hands and felt hot sweat flow down on his cheeks. Gosh, I so hope her mind snaps back to reality.


There were different reactions from the crowd. Some cheered, wanting to see the big splash. Others gasped, worried that they would get hurt. Some screamed and covered their eyes, not wanting to see this.

Jacob could not breathe. He was worried that they would be hurt or maybe even killed. An idea then struck inside his mind on how to save them. The only problem was the crowd.

I can’t let them see me using Xatu. I better hide.

The man then turned around to face his Xatu and then used his hands to motion him to come closer.

“Xatu, I want you to teleport us back to our house,” Jacob whispered when Xatu came close to his face. “However, not now. We need to get away to safer ground. I know where we can hide.”

Both Jacob and Xatu dashed off with no one noticing.


Down, down, down they went.

What was more ironic was that it shook the three’s minds back to reality.

“Huh…what happened?” Jenny asked while her eyes blinked rapidly. Soon, she stopped blinking and saw the sea in front of her. She gasped and she yelped. “Don’t tell me we’re going to crash down!”

Balin nodded while Bunny said nothing. In just a few seconds, she was going to her watery grave. This time, it was appropriate for her to be very scared.


“Come on, Tropius! Try to regain flight!” Jenny commanded while shaking the Tropius’ head. Nothing. He was still unconscious.

The three screamed, knowing that a big splash was about to happen. Bunny closed her eyes, already preparing for what would happen. In less then a couple seconds, just a few feet away from the water, she suddenly felt a warm feeling inside her, as if her body temperature rose.


It was a huge and loud splash. Water flew up for a few seconds and then sunk back down. Both Timmy and Lucas had their mouths wide open.

Looks like Jenny did not listen to me. Couldn’t blame her, Timmy thought.

He wished she had, though. All he wanted was to have Jenny get some sense into her and realize what she did was wrong and not what a police officer would do.

That battle turned to a different direction.

Timmy thought the battle would eventually make his friend surrender and have Bunny arrested. A failure, it was, and with disastrous results. He gripped the nothingness around him harder.

My fault, my damn fault. Bunny’s dead. Jenny’s dead.

When the police car got out of the bridge, Lucas parked it at a grassy area and then he and Timmy got out. When the officer looked at his boss, he could tell by his eyebrows and eyes he was not happy.

“Why a battle again?” Lucas asked in a cold tone.

Timmy was about to answer until something caught both his and Lucas’ eye.

A bright purple-black light burst from the sea. For a few seconds it shined more brightly then the moon. There was even a very tiny hymn to it. But not long after, the little show was over. For the next few minutes, both officers’ jaws dropped.


What Bunny felt last time was a warm feeling deep inside her body. For a second she thought she was going to be burned, as that feeling became hotter by the second. Even when Bunny felt water rushing on her, she still felt flames all around her body. In less then a couple of seconds later though, she did not feel water on her anymore.

Ugh…I really need an aspirin.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. At first her vision became blurry and wet, just able to see the colors gold and brown mixed together.

“Glad you’re all right, Bunny.”

Excuse me? Where am I?

Wanting to know where she was and the person greeting her, Bunny rubbed her eyes and saw a man wearing a black jazz-like hat and a business like suit. All over his face were wrinkles and his light blue eyes were absorbing to see. Bunny just could not believe her eyes.

“ Professor Alexison? What are you doing here?”


Another big difference between "Da Vinci Code" and "Nothing, Everything." :D Besides the Pokemon battle, I have the officers find the main characters while the officers in "Da Vinci Code" almost got the main characters but not yet.

Hope you guys like both the battle and the little twist at the end. Sorry if the battle is a bit rusty but I'm still learning how to write battles after that Sacrifice One Shot contest. ^^;

Okay, for the big announcements. For the past couple of weeks I've been really revising the ending of Part One and most of Part Two of "Nothing, Everything" after thinking about your guys' reviews and also maybe a couple last minute changes I want to make. Pretty much what happened is I actually shed a few chapters, including the interlude I originally plan to put but then decided to put a few parts on Chapter Twelve. After I figure out most of the changes I'm going to do with the latter parts of this story then on the first page I'll edit the first page with Part One only having tweleve chapters and also will reveal the names of the last chapters (hoping they won't be that much of spoilers :D).

Untl next time, see ya!
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