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Quote originally posted by Friendsxix:
That is not odd, in fact Zel just hasn't finished Pallet Town. You can tell if you load the game into Advance Map. If you go to route 1 and use Map Connections and go down you will see that result.
Plz dont come with me with advance map, ill admit i just dont know a thing about hacking, but for sure i know Pallet isnt on B5 (or if it is its just what i found).
Esmas is probably right, but we have to wait for what zel has to say.

Quote originally posted by dark lakitu:
Hmmm... I found a weird thing while playing SG...

What the? It's on the first Rocket Grunt in Slowpoke Well...
Also... The downloads are messed.... The one that says "Shiny Gold" is actually X
And "Shiny Gold X" is actually normal... Unless X is supposed to be easier... Which it is.
I know as a fact that the double question-mark poke is present in the GBA pokemon games to fill the 25 entries between Celebi and Treecko, that used to be the other 25 forms of Unown (other than the A, wich is nº201 and the question and exclamaton mark Unown, addded later). As in B5 theres only the A form of Unown, it's natural that pokemon is on the game database, but the only "legal" way it would appear would be if that Rocked had a Unown other than A, wich is not the case. It's certainly a bug, so i can't help you.