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Saying that wont make the staff feel bad for you.. =/ if you really want to be a staff start off by not making posts like that.
1. Help member's
2. Stay Dedicated to the site
3. Treat everyone with respect
4. Follow the rules, and help member's follow them.
5. and many other things to be helpful.

Though this isent the place to be talking about that.

I know. I'm doing all the guidelines for now, time will do the rest. :\

do what in your forum? were you talking about me??? I don't care what you like, so just shut up!!! I wanted to know, so I asked, you little jerk!!! I don't care if you are a moderator, you don't need to be that way. Neither do I, but I don't care...
Hey, genius, oni's a little mental, ya know.