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Originally Posted by Skeetendo, Inc. View Post
hey its cool if you post stuff. If you find stuff buildings will most likely not work
(if you really want to be funny, if you gameshark past the super nerd and go to leave mt moon, the warp that would take you to route 4 takes you to Elm's lab. but theres no point in going to Johto as there is nothing useful to do there and a lot of events dont work right and whatnot because we arent working on johto right now.)

but yes, as the old man tells you to in the game, feel free to speculate about what is up with the house (the celebi shrine was already hinted at by the old woman in the route house headed in)

Also, feel free to post your opinions on new features that are mentioned but you can't actually participate in yet (I think the main one would be fossil digging)

Also, you go to the new region via a boat ride
I did the super nerd

But then I got stuck in hiro's house...the map is glitched. I saw the guy behind the museum, would you mind saying how we will be able to get to him without gameshark, whenever you make it possible?

Anyway, I love the beta, good idea bringing it out early, you probably found glitches alot faster than you would have on your own...

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