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Quote originally posted by manomow:
Please dont double post.its against the rules. Please use edit button.'s only against the rules in some forums, and it's automattically merged there.

Quote originally posted by andwhyisit:
Two, but the red colour definitely needs to be a different shade of blue and the body a lighter shade. The red against blue looks horrible. The design is good but the colours do not work for me.
YEah, but the GBC Palette is limited. I'm looking for a decent color.

I'll only change it if I really think it needs to be, or if, in some twist of fate, Skeetendo wants to use the sprite and they want it changed.

EDIT: I tried one different, don't know what I think of it.

EDIT: I think I might like the lighter one better... I'll whip up the full set in those colors tomorrow...

EDIT: The first ones were ALL Marrill colors, this one was Quagsire colors.
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