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Originally Posted by clonex25 View Post
1: Maybe I should make the bass a bit louder...

2: Which part disturbs you (time, pls.)?
secs 0:18 to 0:21 and 1:16 to 1:19

the rest is almost perfect (although i found one music almost as good WARNING ITS A FAKE but the music's nice)

Originally Posted by zant View Post
Great to hear that beta 6 is coming out soon, mabye the mods should wipe all the posts in this thread again, theres 96 pages
Absolutly NO.

a while ago i asked if red's pokes would be in lv.100 i forgot to state i was talking about the X version, not the regular one, since amelia on the radio tower has a lv.78 Metagross (same as steve in pokemon emerald...)

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