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Originally Posted by JJK View Post
ah... would you EVER buy something in a jipsy fair and similars without trying?
a friend of mine saw a Naranja (if you know it) cartridge working (he tested it) for 5€...
my question is just technical... is putting (NOT SELLING) a hack on cartridge piracy?
You know... a emu isn't the same as my GBA, and flash cards are expensive (for the short use i would give them, that is)
and... by know im afraid everyone here thinks im a pirate just for asking this...

Just one real question: is it normal that out of 1 female beedrill, 1 female scyther, 1 male scizor, 1 male venomoth and 1 male butterfree, in every possible couple ,the day care man ALWAYS says that they dont like each other? Is it a question of waiting (silver wind scyther, waiting is hard...) or just SHEER bad luck?
1. Putting something on a cartridge is technically just stealing. Piracy is selling something that you didn't make.
2. Depends if they just aren't compatible for breeding, I suggest using Serebii's Pokedex.
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