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Since we're talking about the radio, if it makes a comeback, the "Lucky Channel" music shouldn't be changed. It should just be a direct port cos it's an awesome song. It would be criminal to mess with it!!!

Going to the more technical side now, a radio (as far as I'm aware) wouldn't be too hard to implement. The up and down the gauge would be hard to do, but a list of selectable songs shouldn't be too hard to produce. I'm guessing you'd just need a script to change the music depending on the option chosen. As in the original games, the music would revert to default when you change route/city, but that's no problem. As always tho, we'll see what Zel says, although it'll probably be something along the lines of...

Quote originally posted by Zel in the Future:
"It's not exactly an important feature so I won't code it just yet, but (as with the pokegear) it may be implemented in a later release"