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Since we're talking about the radio, if it makes a comeback, the "Lucky Channel" music shouldn't be changed. It should just be a direct port cos it's an awesome song. It would be criminal to mess with it!!!

Going to the more technical side now, a radio (as far as I'm aware) wouldn't be too hard to implement. The up and down the gauge would be hard to do, but a list of selectable songs shouldn't be too hard to produce. I'm guessing you'd just need a script to change the music depending on the option chosen. As in the original games, the music would revert to default when you change route/city, but that's no problem. As always tho, we'll see what Zel says, although it'll probably be something along the lines of...

Originally Posted by Zel in the Future
"It's not exactly an important feature so I won't code it just yet, but (as with the pokegear) it may be implemented in a later release"
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