Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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I just finished the hack, and so far, it looks good. The references I found were; Brendan, Reference to Imakuni?, Reference to Dr. Quackenpoker, and Reference to Ceiling Cat (Ceiling Meowth). I liked the random charmander, surprised me but its my favorite starter. I got up to the supernerd and had a 20ish eevee, 18 charmeleon, 12 or 13 pikachu, and 11 or 12 butterfree. Once I saw Brendan, I was like, wow that looks like the kid from r/s/e, and I guess I was right. The duel thing looked pretty cool, but reminded me of yu-gi-oh. Kinda mad I couldn't duel though. I didn't glitch the mt. moon part to go further, I'll just wait. Anyway, sorry for all the writing, I just wanted to tell you how good it is so far. Keep it up, and if you need any help on the game, even though I can barely remember any rumors except for the truck, just let me know. I can sprite or make maps, and come up with ideas I guess?

EDIT: I just made a venustoise sprite if you need one, I didn't know what format to save it as though so I just did png.
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