Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Shiny Gold!
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Quote originally posted by Aquillae:
Amelia's Blaziken has Thunderpunch, not Ice Punch.
I remember it specifically using Ice Punch on my Swampert. Of course Swampert owned it with one Earthquake.

Quote originally posted by Aquillae:
Changing the Dark moves to physical and Ghost moves to special would be contradictory of the goal of the rom hack, which Zel intends to be able to trade with Fire Red. Such a drastic change would have a significant impact on the game itself and how it is played, which would make an entirely new game itself, again contradictory to compatibility with Fire Red as both games have different mechanics, unlike 2nd gen and 1st gen.
Oh well. I didn't know about the trade with Fire Red part. But still, special Dark attacks are silly if you know what i mean.