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Originally Posted by frosty
I'm sorry, I tend to go a little overboard with my arguements.

BTW, I think it will be a tie, because there's no telling what can happen. But then a again, when Ash and Gary fought it was never a tie. But when they recieve their first pokeball it split in half, causing a tie... anyways, I also think that if it isn't a tie, it will cause a raceial dispiut... I may be going a little overboard on this, like my arguements, so I'll stop now, before I write a whole story!!! XD
I just love you people who never fully understand the topic... XD (LOL)

Okay, they aren't gonna have a big rival battle or something. First of all, Ruby and Sapphire made a bet that if Ruby wins all the contests of Hoenn in a limited number of days before Sapphire gets all the badges of Hoenn, vice versa, the person who does it fastest, wins. The good thing about the manga is that they're not so stereo typed like the anime...XD

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