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Originally Posted by moh27 View Post
in the SG-B5 Pokedex by Giovanni Boss is says articunno cannot be found but i kinda actually found articunno and i dun think i was suppose to find it either i used wall cheat to walk sound of fusia then eventually i found a cave went inside and found articunno:S
It is possible to see Articuno without cheating as well... you can see it in the binocluars near Fuchsia. YAY!

Originally Posted by Chairzard View Post
I beat the elite for then its game over, I don't get to go to kanto.And i really want to catch a Chairzard or Charmander
Firstly, the same response as usual, you need to play with Flash 128K and then restratt your game. And anyway... you can get Charmander and evolutions in Goldenrod... it's a game corner prize (2100 coins).

Originally Posted by maximum911 View Post
Here are some bugs/glitches that i found
  • When you hit the start button in beta 5 in an emulator other than vba it crashes
  • the errand where you take that pokemon to the sleepy guy well the sleepy guy doesn't take the pokemon
other than that it looks good keep up the great work zel!
You need to just gie the pokemon the mail, not he pokemon. Spearow is YOURS.

It's probably fixed by B6, but there's a border issue in Fuschia (south).
Why does Spinda appear in the Whirl Islands?
I just want B6! XD
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