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I have some new ideas:

1. Maybe you can give 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. Easy can be good for begginers in pokemon world. There can be good tutorial and some hints before harder duels. Duels in Easy mode can be easier like in Normal level, but there can be unavailable some pokemons and locations. Difficulty in Normal mode can be comaparble with official pokemon games. There can be available most of pokemons and locations. In Easy and Normal mode are unavailable Mystery Gift and Online system. In Hard mode are highest difficulty, duels are very hard because trainers have good pokemons and can use items. There are available all of "nonlegendary" pokemons and all of implement locations.

2. Maybe player can choose one specjalization in game beggining?
EVOLUTION - There are chance for early evolution for lvl up pokemons. For example: Cranidos can evolve into Rampardos in 28 lv.
TRADE - Prices in Pokemart are lower.
POKEMON BATTLE - User pokemons have higher stats.
CATCHING - Increase chance for catch wild pokemon.
DRAWING - Increase chance for meet Shiny or Reverse pokemon.
BREEDING - Lower time needed to hatch pokemon eggs.

Ninetales evolution, with Moon Stone when Ninetales have any Ghost type move - Fire/Ghost (because is mystic pokemon who can cast curses) (maybe don't raise stats, reduce Attack, raise Sp. Attack, give moves Curse, Perish Song, Moonlight and maybe other)
Tentacool alternative evolution, with Dawn Stone - Water/Ghost (higher Attack and Sp. Attack, lower Sp. Defense and Speed, like Tentacruel, give moves Omnimous Wind, Thunder Wave, Camouflage and maybe other)
Farfetch'd evolution, with Grass Stone - Flying/Grass (mainly raise Attack, give moves Grass Knot, Vine Whip, and maybe other)
Pinsir evolution, with item and trade - Bug/Ground (evolution like Scyther->Scizor) (maybe don't raise stats, reduce Attack and Speed, raise Sp. Defense and HP, give moves Magnitude, Dig, Rest and maybe other)
Jynx evolution, with item and trade - Ice/Psychic
Tauros evolution, with level up - Normal/Steel (mainly raise Attack and Defense, give moves Iron Tail, Iron Head, Iron Defense and maybe other)
Dragonair alternative evolution, when learned any Ice type move from TM - Dragon/Ice (100 Attack and 134 Sp. Attack, lower HP and Defense but higher Speed and Sp. Defense, give some good ice moves)
Ariados level up evolution - Bug/Poison (tarantula) (mainly raise Speed and Attack)
Yanma alternative evolution, with Dawn Stone - Bug/Dragon (56 Defense and 86 Sp.Defense, like Yanmega, give moves Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance and maybe other)
Granbull level up evolution - Normal/Fight (give moves Mach Punch, Submission, Close Combat and maybe other)
Miltank pre-evolution, evolve with level up
'Miltank pre-evolution' alternative evolution (for male) - Fight (bull) (lower HP, Defense, higher Attack, like Miltank, give moves Rage, Horn Attack, Close Combat, Brick Break, Swords Dance, Low Kick, Leer, Stomp, Captivate, Fury Attack and maybe other)
Seedot alternative evolution, with Moon Stone - Grass/Ghost (haunted tree) (lower Speed, HP, higher Attack and Sp. Defense, like Nuzleaf->Shiftry, give moves Scratch, Slash, Night Slash, Curse, Absorb, Mega Drain, Giga Drain, Ingrain, Ancient Power, Shadow Punch, Destiny Bond and maybe other)
Sableye evolution, with level up - Ghost/Dark
Female Mawile evolution, with Sun Stone - Steel (geisha with smaller jaw and blades (but smaller like Gallade blades)) (give moves Captivate, Attract, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Metal Claw, Lovely Kiss, Swords Dance and maybe other)
Male Mawile evolution, with Sun Stone - Dark (3 bigger jaw pokemon, like a predator flower) (give moves Captivate, Taunt, Poison Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Tri Attack, Swords Dance and maybe other)
Trapinch alternative evolution, with Dawn Stone - Ground (stats raising with Trapinch natural stats proportion, give moves Rock Tomb, Magnitude, Camouflage and maybe other)
'Trapinch alternative evolution' evolution, with level up - Ground/Dark (big sand worm) (stats raising with Trapinch natural stats proportion; give moves Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Fang, Rock Slide and maybe other)
Absol evolution, with Dawn Stone - Dark/Psychic (mainly raise Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense, give moves Teleport, Agility, Extrasensory and maybe other)
Luvdisc evolution, with level up - Water
Cherrim evolution, with Sun Stone - Grass/Steel (give moves Metronome, Mirror Move, Mirror Coat, Healing Wish, Iron Defense and maybe other)

And maybe other pokemon idea:

Salabone (salamander + bone = bony salamander) - Dragon/Dark - salamander with purple skin and huge white, bony armour in chest shape. Have two bony horns on head and some bony horns in their long tail. Have sharp claws and sharp bony beak. That predator pokemon live in river and hunt in night. They don't have any next evolution form. Salabone is very slow, so they need attack with ambush. They stick at victim's neck and pump into poison, which weaken her.


Some moves who they can learn at level up:

Peck, Poison Sting, Leer, Faint Attack, Withdraw, Glare, Dragon Rage, Horn Attack, Harden, Screech, Bone Rush, Snatch, Punishment, Protect, Dragon Claw, Sucker Punch, Slam, Outrage

And move idea

Hydrokinesis (Special) (for Kadabra/Alakazam, Starmie, Slowbro, Slowking, Xatu, Lugia, Bronzor/Bronzong)
Type: Water
PP: 15
PWR: 75
Raises move power if in last turn, user used Kinesis. Raises user's Sp. Attack for 1 stage.