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Originally Posted by Glaceon_ View Post
Recently started playing this, and I've got to say, I'm really liking it; even the loss of the PokeGear is barely noticeable, so its all good.

The smallest thing you'll ever notice following:
Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, or if you're aware of it, Zel, but there's a minor problem with the Bellsprout Tower first floor stairs; (when you first enter the tower) I walked into them from the top of the screen
and the character walked straight over the steps, and onto the tile below. However, it still took you to the next floor, so there's no real problem with it. (if needs to be known, it was while using your B5 version of it; not the SGX one)

Again, sorry if this has been said before, but I thought I'd let you know, since its such a small piece of the game, and likely overlooked. If need be, I can see if it does it again, and try getting a 'cap of it. 'Course, considering if you know about it already, or not.. ;

If known, then please ignore that part of my post.
I think that's due to the stairs in the tower being warps, im not really into it
And it does happen in SGX, wich is waht i play

I've also spotted some other similar thigs to that, like being able to exit the goldenrod mall elevator (and some other spots, if forgot wich ones, ill post if i remember or find again) by walking horizontally on the doorway mat, etc.
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