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Ahhhh... Finished selecting posts, now it's time to reply. Ganbate, zel!
Ganbate = Go for it!

Quote originally posted by pizzakoe:
Yes I knowone, how about the one that says: "Saving, don'turn off the power... " It closes automaticly!
I dont know if I'm able to see that part on that script, since it's something that's always active. Probably it is possible, since there's messages around, but I'm not sure...
Any other that's not so critical?

Quote originally posted by Midnight Beat:
I realize this isn't a priority, but it's something interesting to think about.
Zel, have you giving any thought to what you could do with the starting movie with the Gengar and Nidoran? It would be cool to see a new intro for Gold.
Have I giving any thought to that? Nope, But I dont think we could be able to do anything too different to what's present, so that's why it's not even in my list (it could be possible that I decide to leave it as it is, in the end, this IS a hack...)

Quote originally posted by Capoland:
hey, does anyone know where i can download beta 1 & 2 for shiny gold? i would like to have all 5 beta's.

idk if there even is a beta 1 & 2. im just assuming there is since the newest one is called beta 5.
Quote originally posted by Friendsxix:
I made a Pokemon Shiny Gold website at . It will have betas 1 & 2 soon as I notified Zel and told him that I need them.
Of course there are Betas 1 and 2. Although I dont know why you'd need it

I do have them, but since I'm not on Windows since a long time, it'd be better if some "hack collector" (?) would contact Friendsxix.

Quote originally posted by shinygoldash:
I think we should open a SG thread saying about problems like the damn save thing!
That would wipe out 20 posts a month.
I'll consult Hiroshi about that (maybe a thread in the Scrapbox), but...
...we all know there'll still appear some of those messages here, and then we'll get unnecesary "just post that in the scrapbox thread", at least for a while :\

Quote originally posted by JJK:
Dark Cave, 1st Section(Violet Side)

Ah, is anyone who had played the B1 around here? Isnt it funny how, after almost two years, there's still one of those tiles with the arrow?
I'm sure old people remember about there being a lot of those arrows on Dark Cave.

Just a minor tile fixing

Quote originally posted by Sirwillis04:
Just thought of something here though. You pay between 500-200, and yet you can get stuff such as full restore worth 3000? that means someone can get a full restore from there without paying the extra 1000 but spending some extra time. I like it tho!
keep up the great work!
Yeah the time to waste is the key here. Depending on how lucky you get you may get a bunch of items with few bucks, but on the other hand, you may waste your fortune on the minigame...

Quote originally posted by sirboulevard:
@zel: speaking of cheating. I actually did the same thing moh27 did (on seperate copy, and just out of curiosity about the missing parts of kanto) and the Seafoam Islands register as Maiden's Peak (an anime exclusive area); is that going to be part of the game or is that something in the FireRed coding from when nintendo created the area?
The anime area is merely a coincidence (that sounded like some movies' phrase), because I was just thinking about pretty names in spanish, and then translated it to english. Anyway, it's not related to anime events, but, there'll be a very critical event for someone there.

Quote originally posted by NeoS:
Hi bro!!! not long ago that none of you. therefore good. beta 5 is so brilliant, and I played and the truth is very good. Well, good, I find you in the Messenger, now i returned to the hacks. =D adios hermano te cuidas mucho ... xD
Jojo, look who's here! >.<
Just PM me here, it's more probably to find me here than on MSN.

Quote originally posted by choatix:
Why does Spinda appear in the Whirl Islands?
Because its eyes look whirly-like, dont they?

Quote originally posted by SephirothX:
Holy flamin' damn! This has come a long way since I last visited PC. (Whoah, that was like a year ago?) I'm impressed. The tileset's awesome; you did a nice job on the Johto map; the phone booth is pure genious. I'm most impressed with the music. Did you figure out how to loop it, then? Well hey, awesome work, Zel! Keep it up!

(And try to fix the Union Cave Pokémon Center... )
The looping was figured out by clonex (at least, he's the first I think), and now he and Magnius (havent heard from birthofdna in a long time) are giving me a hand with the music part.

About the PC at Union Cave...

Quote originally posted by zeikku SSJ7:
@zel, I like what you've done since the last beta, It seems as though you never struggle with idea's , I see from your work that your very focused and that it's worth waiting for you even if you have a life to live AKA uni
But the digging event is great, simple too
From beta 3 (the first beta I played) I thought that this would be just a remake, But you've added a lot of originality to this.
I love the new music, the sprites, the battles.
I wish you the best man, keep it up.
My idea is to keep it as a remake and at the same time not being "so" remake, just enough "remake" to satisfy as much people as possible. Maybe that's the key here? Who knows?

I'm just grateful for having so many people's help. That's also key, of course ;D

Quote originally posted by JJK:
What will be done with the Viridian Battle House? A good idea would be to put there famous trainers absent from the game (Gabby and Ty, Archie, Maxie, Geovanni, Hoenn Gym Leaders, etc.), welll, if that isnt the objective of the Vermilion tower...
That Battle Tower's purpose is to offer two or three different battle modes. But since it's just an idea and nothing implemented I cannot really say anything else about it.

Quote originally posted by dirk123:
One small question Zel,

Will the 3rd generation legendaries get their R/S/E music?
Or will it just be the random pokemon music?

Deoxys had an awesome theme, that's why I asked.
It HAD, before it was replaced by Carlos' music. You win some, you lose some. So, RSE legendaries' music will depend on if there's slots that we could use. The GSC music has the priority.

Ahhhhh... Done!
Now I can go to sleep, I'll be a bit more around this weekend.