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Originally Posted by Roxas!! View Post
the images are well who Deveria change only a couple of things like the tiles of the stone water corrigeles pallets, as well others like me a beta ^ ^
Ok and about that waterstone what is the problem with this (recollord) pallet? and thnx

@Burned Soul: Thnx ^^

Zeh new updates and scripts..
Hello people i got for you people 4 new screens out the past (Exemple insite the gym of violet :)) (Credits to The people of Pokémon Platinum (G/S/C) for the Falkner OW) (Pallet a little change + eyes updates for him by me) and other new screens with example (The new little blue sign ^^) (Credits to Zel for that tile)
And the return to the past Event is done to ^^ i've maked a video of it (Thnx to Drevilg for the Celebi statue OW ^^)....
and a lot more ^^
Falkners gym (Violet city)

Violet city (Past)

Normal update screens :)

Script update:
Here is a video with the return to the past event ^^ with new stuff commands ^^ exaple Level-script for warping/earthquake command .. and a lot more ^^
Enjoy the return to the past script ^^

Does someon know how i can fix this?

and a little question can someon add this in my hack (the new style tekstbox)

Well that was all people

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