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Quote originally posted by IceCharizard:
It looks weird... Why would someone need a triangle piece of grass...

EDIT: Oh, I get it.. Dimensions... Yay! First post!

Because everyone needs triangle grass. And no, I got first post ;P

Quote originally posted by Silver Riolu:
Yeah that's really good and I hope for a DP map editor soon, good luck gabe.;)

Well you won't be seeing a map editor from PokeSpam, but I will be updating this tutorial to make it more... capable? And you will be seeing some map related tools from pokespam.

Quote originally posted by zeikku SSJ7:
This is great, it worked for me :)
By the name I thought u meant map dimensions, not texture :P
Hope to see a map editor soon :P
I may just fiddle with hex for a while :P

I kinda did... It's just the demensions of the thing the textures are assigned to, I've put different textures there.

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