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Can I have one? This one will be my Diamond and Pearl character Representative.
Pokemon Theme: Charizard
Name on Card: Charfire
Info: Dark-Shadow Charfire
Specific Sprites: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 styles. Here are the pokemon as followed: Gastrodon *East Sea (Blue and Green Forme)*, Torrterra, Staraptor, Luxray, Feraligatr, and Charizard.
Background: A fiery mist of shadows *you know, shadow colored*
Trainer Sprite: Galactic Commander Saturn (This one is edited,) whom is now Galactic Commander Hiro

He's holding a Master Ball instead. E-he-he-he...
Other: I hope you can make it! I have faith! Thank you.
Please ignore the white spots above my character's hat...
I'm back, but with changes... I'll do my best to change more often...
Signature under contruction...

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