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Originally Posted by bruom View Post
well well, very well... things are getting progressively better and better until perfection..
this time i couldnt spot any error easily, but...

in the last screen (fossil cave), the tiles to the left of the character are..? those arent the ones used for the water edge, and arent looking very nice

well, that was the only thing i could spot, congratz for the progress with the game, hope to see more soon =]
Thnx ^^ and i''ve fix it that ...? thinks on the walls alias Kabuto shells :P
And you'll see thinks soon today i've new screens for you people ^^

@C3LEBI-愛: Thnx and where you see a error in the titelscreen please give me a screen where you see the error so i can try to fix it (Or someon else ^^) the tekst box i still don't know how to change :(

@IceCharizard, Burned Soul: I've change the names to the real engles names of them....

@ptshady: Thnx ^^

@ArceusGamer: look at the answer that i gave to IceCharizard and Burned Soul and about AWF it's back now :P

Hello people i got fot you alot of new updates ^^ Where you see t little part of the kabuto shell event in the fossil cave (I've maked from the event 3 screens because i've not the time to upload 20 screens of that event >.< and youtube whas really...really slow with uploading so that's why i've uploaded 3 screens of it) Normal updates....and a trainer battle in Falkners gym :) where you see the old sprite of the bird keeper
and a lot more......
Little part of the kabuto shell event ^^

normal screen updates^^

Battle VS a trainer in Falkners gym (Past)

That whas all people

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