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"Don't worry Pikachu, we have the most powerful Pokemon ever. We got Magikarp!"

Derek is awesome XD

I'm deciding whether to let Adeltruat catch a Paras, since it'd be slightly useful against Misty and other Water Pokemon because of type advantage. It also has nifty status-inducing moves in its early levels. But other then that... meh.. its movepool isn't that awesome unless a large amount of TMs are used. D: Would it be alright if Adel found a Moonstone in the current post? I wasn't aiming for her to catch that Clefairy in the first place, can't spoil my characters too much. XD

Brawler, I've been meaning to ask since a long time back (I always manage to forget, though XD), whether its possible to nickname our Pokemon? I've always left like that was the way to give a Pokemon a little bit more depth, personality and identity. Though it might be confusing and its probably far too late to be naming our starters unless all the trainers are incredibly fickle and couldn't decide on a name up till just now. XD

This is just my opinion. x3

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