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Quote originally posted by Akio123:
It's DP84 for me, also it makes me think is Gligar a girl or it is a boy that's young? I keep wondering. In anycase I just wanna see Munchlax 2.0.
Well, I am also looking forward to DP 84 myself, and with regards to Gligar's gender... Me and my friend actually went through the possible evidence of its gender and guess what? Every single piece of evidence pointed to it being female, but then again, it's quite young and I don't dare make any clear assumptions at the moment. However, many people think it's female.

Quote originally posted by Jorah:
What!? Aipom's voice is evolving! Congratulations! Aipom's Japanese voice evolved into a dub voice!
...*cries* Where's the B button!?
This quote... It is made of utter win.