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Chapter Four:
Black Ops at work

Alice was quiet since she didn’t know what to say, she wanted to change partners very badly but at the same time she did not want to. Of all the partners she had ever had Ash was by far the best even if he seemed a bit cold and distant from time to time. The silence let Ash know she wanted to change but he said nothing and fell back and to lie on the cool grass.

“I just want to know why you did those things.”

Ash sat up and looked at Alice rather curiously. Never had she asked a personal question and neither did he. Alice being a year long partner and the only to have lasted for so long without being severely injured had never before cared for his past and now she was asking a question that Ash preferred not to answer so he replied. “We’re partners, not brother and sister, not husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend. I don’t need to tell you anything.”

A rather rude answer and not one Alice was expecting but compared to how Ash usually answered that reply was rather polite. He was right in a certain way. They were only partners and their relationship was of a professional type but Alice had grown curious as to why Ash was the way he was. She knew something had happened to him some two years ago or so but now his rage and anger towards the world got her attention.

“Please, I just want to know.” Alice was now on the verge of begging. Her concern was understandable. The last thing she wanted was to get on his bad side and end up like his previous partners. Ash sighed deeply in an irritated way but before Ash could say anything a younger Team Rocket member interrupted the two of them and said, “Quick, the boss wants to see the both of you in his office right away.”

Giovanni’s office had been placed on the second floor of the building next to the one where Sandra’s office was. Ash and Alice walked into Giovanni’s office. His office was the entire second floor and it was one big room complete with a bar to the left side of the room, a pool table on the opposite side of the bar and a huge table at the very end of the room mostly used for meetings.

Both Ash and Alice stood in front of the table and looked at Giovanni as he sat at the other end of it petting his precious Persian. Giovanni looked at them and said in that ever serious tone. “We have a small problem. There’s a leak here is this very city and it needs to be taken care of now. This is not the end of it though. It goes much deeper than that. This weekend some the Pokemon we had stolen were stolen by this person. She needs to be taken care of if you grasp my saying.”

Alice and Ash understood perfectly well. They looked at each other with a look of mischief. It was as if they never had the discussion they had a few minutes ago. Giovanni handed Ash a picture of the traitor and as he looked at it he couldn’t help but feel like this person was very familiar. There was something in her eyes that seemed to tell Ash that he had seen her before. Sure she was a Team Rocket member but Ash paid very little attention to anyone else.

Giovanni had said member summoned and she was already in Sandra’s office waiting to see why she had been called. The young lady was fairly tall; she had soft brown eyes and red curly hair and a very nervous look on her face. She had been waiting in Sandra’s office for an hour and a half and she was beginning to get irritable. This young lady had a few secrets, which of course, if found out her very life would be in danger.


The young woman reacted to her name and looked out into the hallway and saw a young boy standing there. He had soft brown eyes and raven black hair. He was wearing a black turtle neck shirt, he had on baggy black pants and some military boots but unlike other Team Rocket members he had on a black coat that reached the back of his knees and on his left arm a red arm band with a red distorted R.

Obviously this boy was in what other members called the Black Ops. It is a special elite team of Rocket members that specialized in situations concerning deeper Team Rocket affairs. Joanna seemed worried since these members usually meant trouble. She got up from her seat and walked over to the young boy. Her breathing was heavy and she felt the line between her hair and her forehead begin to sweat.

As she approached him she looked into his eyes and immediately knew who he was. “Ash? Can it really be Ash?” Joanna asked herself as she looked at the boy in front of her. Ash simply turned around and without saying a word he headed out of the building. Joanna of course followed him outside.

Once outside she saw a black BMW parked in front of the building and driving it was Alice, who was wearing the same outfit Ash was wearing. The only difference of course was that her boots were up to her knees and she was wearing a short black leather skirt. Joanna had no idea what was going on but she knew deep inside that she was in trouble. Ash opened the back door and looked at Joanna and nodded her to get inside. Joanna walked towards the car but before she could get in Ash grabbed her arms and tied them together with a pair of handcuffs. After doing so he blindfolded her and then tossed her into the backseat.

Some odd minutes later Joanna felt the car stop and heard a door open and close. Then the backdoor opened and she was dragged out of the backseat and fell right on what felt like a muddy spot on the ground. She groaned from the uncomfortable wetness of the mud not to mention the fall. Her not being able to see was certainly worrying her beyond believe. She was now breathing heavily and sweating. She was sure her life was in danger; it did not take a rocket scientist to figure the situation out.

Joanna felt a tight tug at her hands and realized the handcuffs were being removed. As soon as her hands were free she removed the blindfold and saw that she was in an alley of some sort. Joanna looked around and saw a wooden building next to one made of bricks. She turned around and saw a dead end and no way out, the brick wall was far too high for her to jump and cling to.

Suddenly a light yet very familiar sound distracted her. She turned around and saw Ash standing right in front of the black BMW as it blocked her only way out reloading an AK-47. Joanna gasped lightly as she laid her eyes on the weapon, she was now completely scared since she had absolutely nothing to protect herself with.

Joanna lost control over herself and ran towards the end of the hallway and tried to climb the wall but it was too tall. She looked back at Ash and decided that if she was going to go down she would have at least gone down fighting instead of running away.

Joanna ran as fast as her legs could take her and as soon as she was close to Ash she took a swing at Ash but he quickly shifted his face to the right avoiding Joanna’s fist. The corner of Ash’s mouth lifted in a wicked smile and chuckled lightly. Joanna’s attempt at fighting back amused him heavily so he decided to amuse himself further. Ash placed the AK-47 on the floor next to her and while still smiling he opened his arms in a challenging manner and said in a cocky way, “Come and get it!”

Joanna groaned at the condescending act before her. She was not sure of how to react, after all it two against one, even though Alice just sat on the hood of the car. Joanna looked at Ash and then back at Alice behind her. To her surprise Alice said while smiling, “Hey, don’t look at me. He’s the muscle; he’s the one you should be worried about.”

Joanna slowly turned to face Ash but before she could react Ash struck her causing Joanna to fall hard on her side. She groaned loudly as she cupped her jaw with one hand and with the other she pushed herself up. Joanna became highly irritated and lunged towards Ash and to his surprise she took him down but before she could punch him Ash used both hands to grab her by the neck and somehow managed to move his legs underneath her placing neatly on her belly. Before Joanna could react Ash flipped her over giving them a generous distance from each other.

Ash quickly scrambled to his feet as did Joanna. Ash looked at her and noticed she was smiling. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity and tilted his head to the side slightly. Joanna raised her arm and in her hand was the AK-47. She knew she was not exactly good at close quarter combat or at the very least landing a successful punch so when she lunged at Ash and landed on him she grabbed the weapon.

Of course what she didn’t know was that when Ash dropped the AK-47 he had separated the magazine from the rifle. Joanna had not noticed so she aimed the rifle at Ash and said in a cocky tone. “Looks like I’ve got the upper hand now.”

Ash laughed and walked towards Joanna slowly with his hands behind his back. Joanna tensed up and readied herself for anything Ash may have up his sleeve. Ash kept walking until he was mere inches from the rifle, with one hand behind his back and with the other he grabbed the tip of the rifle and put it to his forehead and smiled wickedly and said, “Go right ahead. I dare you…”

Joanna’s eyes widened with fear, she could not compute how someone voluntarily put a rifle to their own forehead unbeknownst to them if the person holding the rifle would actually pull the trigger. Without thinking Joanna closed her eyes and pulled the trigger but only heard a clicking sound, which sent a cold shiver up her spine.

Joanna opened her eyes slowly and saw Ash holding the magazine containing the bullets for the AK-47. As a last resort Joanna took the rifle and with the butt hit Ash as hard as she could. The impact was hard enough to turn his face sideways and break his lower lip. Alice saw this and gasped as she got up from the hood of the car and stood by in case things would go awry. Ash slowly rose up and looked at Joanna with an almost deranged look on his face. The small trickle of blood from the broken lip oozed out of the corner of Ash’s mouth; with the tip of his tongue he licked the blood and began to laugh.

“Oh, my God.” Expressed Joanna as she dropped the rifle. She turned to run away but Ash quickly grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back. Joanna screamed while grabbing Ash’s hands.

“Let go of me you lunatic! Let go!!” Joanna screamed at the top of her lungs hoping to grab anyone’s attention and hopefully get out of the situation in one piece. Ash then pulled her back and whispered in her ear, “Scream all you like, no one is going to hear you.” Joanna gasped loudly and pulled away from Ash with all her strength, unfortunately she tripped on the rifle and fell on the ground.

Joanna groaned slightly and kept still as the pain numbed but quickly got back up before Ash could do anything else. As she stood before him she noticed he had a serious look on his face and stared straight at her. His eyes burning silently in rage as he stared at Joanna who looked at him and then noticed something that scared the light out of her. In his hands Ash held a red curly wig which was used to cover Joanna’s green hair. Ash and Alice looked at her and in an almost growl Ash said, “Wha—Officer Jenny?!”
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