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Pokemon Origin
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Welcome, I am Collosalpokemon, designer of Pokemon Origin, yes it was Diamond was renamed.

If you have any suggestions or stuff you want to send in a p.m.,feel free, oh but if you want it to be a secret, or for me to not say your user name, just say so in the message.


Starters are from diamond and pearl
493 pokemon + Shamin sky forme and Giratina origin form
New areas
Every region
Pokemon variants
Sinnoh,Kanto,Hoenn,Johto,and Orange Islands will have undergrounds.
Your room has had major updates with goodies...such as BattleSim
BattleSim, located in your room, is a battle simulator used to train your pokemon against three different levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Master.
30 trainer card templates to choose from
Some more features coming, but I don`t want to give them away now...


After failing to catch Dialga and Palkia, team Galaxy is at it again - but for who,what,and where??? You need to bring team Galaxy down(Yet again) and with recent climate changes it won't be that easy. Preparing for your journey you have no choice but to change your suit because of a new icy climate in the area,where the rumered Team Galaxy are supposedly heading to.Battle your way through sinnoh and save up your badges because after winning the elite 4 you hear of brand new areas such as Johto, and Kanto Just being available to go to.

But before that you have to be careful of new suprises. Pokemon are now needing to change (due to new climate), and the people are getting stronger as well. Are you sure you can manage all this in sinnoh?? People around different places may have hints of to where Team Galaxy is going, but nobody knows for sure...


Collosalpokemon - Me

Pkmnruler13 - team member, Overworld Spriter

Poccil - Not on the staff list but we couldn't have made this without you, big thanks

Job openings

The team could sure need help, however you can.

Fill this form out and P.M. me if you would like to join...

Pokemon Diamond Dust

Application Form

Here at pokemon Origin we strive as a community and family of pokemon lovers together and all of us should have an opportunity to really be a part of the community, and get to know eachother because there are many people who hate pokemon , but here, at pokecommunity, we do not need to be afraid to say I like pokemon, and I think with this site, pokemon will be able to strive as a communty.

I hope that your contribution of skill, determination and spirit can help accomplish teamwork and come closer as one,

Name (username):
Position Title:
*Email address:

Experience in this field:

Examples of your work:

Thank you for applying,
Pokemon Origin Head Staff

Here are the Jobs needed

Enterior Designers -4 positions
People who can alter already made furniture, and produce new kinds of furniture. That includes walls, chairs, tables, plants, windows, and anything else that would be indoors. This furniture will be able to be bought at furniture stores across the Pokemon World, and there are going to be approximately 15 different companies.

Concept Mappers - 4 positions
You will be drawing up concept maps for cities, towns and routes, that will incorperate the layouts from the main anime and the games. Send in the city you would like to make and if applicable, and if nobody else has been assigned that city/town, you may.

Tile Artists - 4 positions
I will only accept professional tile artists. The tiles must be neatly designed, and must have that type of pokemon sense about them. I will also look over each tile, and may suggest changes or revisions if nessesary. I also will be assigning city tile set projects that wil require tiles being made to look a certain way occasionally. You most likely will partake in the creation of cities and towns,however you may be assigned something else...

Overworld Spriters - 3 positions
This position is very important. I need people who can make many different variations of overworld sprites of NPC's, and also custom overworld sprites.

Character Sprite Alterator - 5 positions
This also is very important. People who wish to fill this category must be able to create in-battle trainer sprites.

Custom Character Sprite Designer - 4 positions
You must be able to design custom people from the anime, and other things. People who wish to make custom trainers must be of the very best caliber, the custom character sprites must look authentic. You may choose the trainer you wish to design.

Pokemon Variant Conceptors - 5 positions
This is a very special field. Your ideas must be at least somewhat realistic. These changes must be minor. This is one of my favorite factors about this game, I expect great creators for this field.

Other - ? positions
Got any other jobs you think would be any good, send em` in and see if their good enough to be in the game.

*Note: All picture's are saved in Jpeg to prevent stealing*

Regions -
Johto - Sorry about taking it shinylugia249, real one coming soon...
Orre - Coming soon...

Kanto - Coming soon...
Sinnoh -
Hoenn -
Orange Islands -Coming Soon...

Trainer Card Templates -

I usually do not give release dates, so please, DO NOT ask for them.
No Release yet
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